Asheville Wedding Photographer

Melissa McElrath Photography

I’m a southern girl, but I was born in New York. I am the wife to the kindest man, and a mama to the sweetest and wildest girl, Jade. For me, photography just kind of happened and I never looked back. I have never been this passionate about any other job that I’ve done. I believe in moments, and capturing them to the best of my ability. I love people, and making strong connections with my clients. In fact, I consider most of my past clients my friends.

 I’m full of energy and will probably talk your ear off, and try to hear your life story the first time we meet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Most of the time you will catch me in my yoga pants and a t shirt, so don’t be alarmed if I show up to your photo shoot like that. I hope to chat with you soon, and get the chance to capture your memories!!