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Asheville Wedding Caterer

Springvine Design
Floral Designer

I’m Deedie Springer, I love coffee and breakfast any time of the day, plus dessert. Chocolate, I cannot live without! I have a Fine Arts degree from Western Carolina, (where I met my husband, and later had 3 beautiful children) focusing on painting and ceramics. A 10-year journey of soul searching lead me to flowers and I’ve never looked back.

My flower designs are inspired by nature, and how beautiful they look in their natural surroundings. I love to ponder the elements and principles of design that allow this beauty to naturally occur, as well as trying to recreate this look in my own floral arrangements. I want my designs to enhance a client’s venue, not take away from the space, or the reason everyone is gathered together on that day.

I am passionate about my clients staying true to themselves and choosing flowers, style, and designs that represent who they are. This is what will set your wedding apart from everyone else.