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Jessica Bellemare
Beauty and Boudoir Photography

Art is my thing. I’ve either studied in school or explored on my own various mediums of personal expression including painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, music, dance, figure modeling and, of course, photography. I strongly believe that all of my creative endeavors have brought me to a beautiful little corner of the world where I can work closely with women to not only create intimate and deeply meaningful gifts for their partners, but an atmosphere that allows them to relax, have fun and feel confident in their own skin. I strive to not only show women of all ages, shapes and sizes just how beautiful they are through portraiture, but more importantly, to help them feel beautiful, from the inside out.

My Hendersonville, North Carolina based natural light studio features a private, relaxed atmosphere and offers both indoor and outdoor settings. I am available for Beauty and Boudoir PhotographyFamily & Children portraits and Head Shots for social media branding.